What if church were not just a place we go for a few hours on a Sunday, but something we do every day?

Under the tabs in the pull-down menu are various resources to help. You may also click on the links below to access them.

HOFCC Distinctives
This presentation provides a detailed look at our core values and distinctives.

Shared Meal Guidelines
Why do we have a shared meal? Eating a meal together on Sundays after church is an important opportunity to learn to know one another, to begin sharing our lives and what God is doing, to encourage, comfort and sustain each other through fellowship.The guidelines facilitate doing that in an orderly manner.

Suggested Reading
These books are recommended for a deeper understanding of sound doctrine, the family-integrated church and related topics. More books will be added here as time goes by.

Recommended Links
A list, not exhaustive by any means, of family-focused ministries, outreach, and other useful resources.

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